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Thursday, October 18, 2007 


sorry i have been away for so long.
My Dad is OK now. pacemaker has helped him to feel better and he is not in any immediate danger.

I am still coughing but not as bad and not as often.

I have spent the entire week in dothan Alabama.
I am not fond of dothan at present, I would rather be standing hip deep in the Nile river eating a big hunk of cheese, and whistling some quaint tunes from VanHalen 1.
that is only one of the things i would rather be doing right now.
another would be running across the country side chasing worms. but we rarely get to do whatever we want.

I got a new laptop computer it is about the size of a large laptop computer. i was working in a loan office and the laptop got repoed. i bought it for about 1/4 of what it is worth. i shall name it Pappa Big Daddy Scar on the noggin Potent Loins after myself. or pbdsnpl for short.

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Snagley out.