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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 

they are kids. leave them alone.

What is the deal with all these infidels seeking children to have sex with?
What about a 5-year-old girl could possibly interest a grown man.

We are a depraved, sick, disgusting people when adults can seek children as sex partners and even trade our children as commodities for the sick demented minds of today.
As often as people get arrested for this, and we hear about it daily, there must be tons of it that go unreported.

I think it is time for the punishment to be cruel and unusual for this crime against humanity. No dignified executions for this crime. Nothing bordering on civil.

I can think of several fitting punishments, slow punishments, that would prevent this “slime that forms on the bottom of leaky sewer pipes found under piles of rotting rats”, excuse for a US Prosecutor from ever committing acts such as on our innocents again.
Death is not involved.

I was abused as a young child. Don’t any of you ever tell me this is not abuse?
Don’t tell me that US Prosecutors should not be held to a higher standard, and don’t tell me that their punishments should not be ten fold as severe as a normal puss maggot.

I am a simple man, I strive to stay simple, and I am just a little old country boy, raising children of my own. People wonder why I never turn my back on my kids. Why I don’t trust anyone with them.

People these are children, physically immature children. Surely you can find some way to get your jollies other than molesting children.

And people if you cannot find another way to get your jollies off than molesting children. Find you a millstone (that is a big rock for those of you who don’t know) take a boat out in the ocean to a deep abyss (one several miles deep) tie it to your neck and jump in. It would be better for you, than to hurt one of these children.

All questions in this article are rhetorical and not meant for you to answer.

Snagley out.