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Wednesday, August 29, 2007 

What do you think

Well I reread my most recent post and it made me look like Mother Theresa. Or Pappa Snagley.

Sorry. I ain’t

My family member who we will call Winifred is pregnant. She is 19 and lives with her parents. The babies father is in jail for stealing copper. He has had so many drug offences that they made bail fairly high, so he will sit there till his trial. She has quit her job at the Win Dixie bakery because it is too hard. In her parent’s house live 2 cats and 4 dogs, none of which are what you would loosely term house broken.
I asked her what her plans are and here are her responses.

Snagley: So what are you going to do?

Winifred: I am going to be a stay at home mom.

Snagley: How do you plan to fund this endeavor?

Winifred: Oh Daddy is going to sue the sperm donor and make him be responsible for what he has done

Snagley: I see, I see. You do realize that he is in jail and that the most he has ever made is 15000 in one year. Never sue poor people. He ain’t got nothing to sue for.

Winifred: Yeah but he did this to me and he has got to pay me something.

Snagley: You do realize that you did play some part in this impregnation. As I understand it your girlie parts had to be present, willingly, without protection in order for this merging of fluids to take place. Or do you not know where babies come from.

Winifred: Yeah, but he has to pay something.

Snagley: I have a young lady at my office whose ex-husband pays her a total of 40 dollars a week. So I am a little unsure where the 1000.00 a month figure comes from. And where exactly are you planning on living

Winifred: Daddy said a thousand a month. And I am going to live with mom and daddy.

Snagley: I see and where do you plan to put the baby.

Winifred: Oh it will stay with me.

Snagley: Among the cats and dogs?

Winifred: yes I love animals.

Snagley: I see.

I give up gentle readers. I tried to get her a job.
Her parents have no freaking clue as to what to do with her.

Am i being too judgemental? please be honest

if this were an mature women who was making some plans for her and her child i could get behind that.

I get the feeling that she thinks she won the lottery and this baby is her ticket.

But, I am concerned about her ability to care for the baby as well. I will post that conversation latter.

The saga will continue.

Snagley out.