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Friday, August 24, 2007 

in other news

Last weekend i went snake hunting.
On the hunting land me and some friends lease there is a creek that wanders through it. and it is full of cotton mouths.
So me and another idiot put on some rubber boots and waded the overgrown creek looking to shoot some snakes.
I can honestly say that if you could have seen some of the places we waded into ,beaver dams, log jams, muck, mire some of the snakiest places I have ever seen you would have had a stroke. We saw a bunch of snakes and turtles and deer etc but I ended the wretched lives of no snakes.
I did wear myself completely out.

in other news.
I am walking down the street and i see a twenty dollar bill on the ground. No one is around and it is a deserted street. no buildings etc. I walk about a mile further with the 20 and see a guy in an advanced stage of poverty. He was dragging a little red wagon with 3 wheels. He had a shaggy beard.

I nodded said hello and handed him the 20.
He said thanks and we started talking.
He is 10 years younger than i.
He is a combat veteran from Iraq.
He came home and found his wife with another man. They split and she took everything of value, which he said was very little.
His parents died years ago and he is an only child.
Needless to say he had no job.
he does however have a college degree in business administration from Auburn University.
He said after the divorce he just started walking and has been ever since.
3 years of walking.

I ended up driving him to the Jimmy Hale Mission and getting him setup with some decent clothes so he can get a job interview.
The guy does not drink and does not use drugs (he was tested for drugs).
He said he just did not know what to do and did not know how to start.
The guy at the mission told me that if he really wants some help he will get it.
He said he can have a bed till he can get an apartment. there are some in south side that are cheap.
I hope this guy gets it together. I ended up giving him some more money. (I am a soft touch. I have been broke with no food)
He was a nice guy. After a shave and a haircut he looked like a any 30 year old guy just skinnier and more worn.
life does have a way of beating us down doesn't it.

In yet other news.
I am only getting 4 to 7 eggs a day now 104 degree heat will do that to a feathered animal

And in yet other news.
I am seriously thinking of adopting a kid. I may end up adopting internationally.
I know some of you think i am nuts for wanting a big family. but so what. Its my life, damn it, my kids are pretty well adjusted. and i think that some baby in a foreign country whos future consists of either slavery, forced prostitution or death,. might just not mind living in rural alabama with 4 other kids, and a bunch of chickens.

SNagley out.