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Thursday, August 02, 2007 

rusty butt for presdent

This is a chicken gentle readers.

The one in the center is a rooster. (male chicken for you city folk){it doesn't lay eggs}

that handsome svelte shadow happens to belong to me farmer snagley.

I have a family member in law working for me now.

Previously he was about as useful as boobages on a boar hog.

but he seems to be working out somewhat.

In other news. I have decided to throw this roosters hat into the presidential ring.

He seems to have the qualities that voters look for. He breeds prolifically with 16 hens. and he makes no sense at any time.

Our current candidates Hillary and obama currently only have one thing on this rooster that may appeal more to voters.

My Rooster "Rusty Butt" has a name that does not exactly inspire confidence. I am considering changing his name to Clueless Power-Hungry McCrooked.

If anyone has any doubt that any current candidate including and excluding Hillary and obama are not crooked. When i say crooked i mean they don't care about the people of this country beyond getting elected. Both of the aforementioned candidates will tax our broke butts off and then redistribute it to their special interest groups causes. if you think otherwise then pull your head out of the sand.

IF all a candidate can say is i am not as big of a horses hind end as my esteemed opponent then find someone else to vote for. and good luck with that.

Anyone who has enough intelligent is too smart to run for office. anyone who has enough integrity to be president does not want to sully themselves by association.

and what amazes me is that people just flock to these idiots as if they have the answers.
Let me set all who can read straight. your choices this next election are diarrhea and hemorrhoids.
any choice you dont want and you can bet they will be a pain in the butt.

So lets save us all some trouble this year and vote for a oversexed rooster. I guarantee he wont raise taxes. he may make a mess of the oval office but if we cover the floor with straw everything will be ok.

Rusty Butt for President