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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 

Snagley update

My wife just called.
She is canning tomatoes today. She has two buckets of tomatoes to can today.
She has put up 47 quarts of green beans and is just starting to can salsa.
She made some peach salsa, which is excellent.
I love her a lot, I would love her if she couldn’t do all that cool stuff,
The baby who is now 8 months old is pulling up on the furniture now.
She is teaching him sign language. He has learned how to say thank you, which is pretty good for an 8 month old.

My oldest boy is into pushups and sit-ups now. He does 110 push-ups and 110 sit-ups each evening. I am teaching him how to do them where you put your feet on something like a bench and do them with your legs elevated. He likes a challenge. I was unloading some Chicken feed the other day and had to stop to tend to something else and he carried a 50pound bag 70 yards to my workshop before I could get back. He doesn’t need to be carrying stuff like that but I was impressed. He is 9 years old and weighs about 75 pounds.

My middle boy is saving aluminum cans. His grand father collects them for his church. He is paying my boy a penny apiece for each can. My son gives the money to an orphanage. He saw a video about the orphans and how they need some money so he is doing this now. Several communities are not saving cans for him to sell to his grandfather, people get motivated by the selfless act of a 7 year old child.. Now I know he could get more for them if he sold them to the recycle center but this way several people are blessed. My middle son came up with this on his own neither I or his mother prompted him.

My daughter is learning to read now. She is doing really well. She is involved in the summer reading program at the library. If I read to her or if she reads something on her own she gets to log the pages and gets a prize of a free book or some kind of toy. She is having a good time.

The chickens are well. I get about 6 eggs a day, which is not too bad considering the heat and the drought. The rooster is driving the hens crazy. He is breeding with them to distraction.

Our garden is doing well; it has provided everything for the salsa including the basil and other herbs. She only had to by salt and sugar this time. We are thinking of installing more raised beds for next year they have worked out excellently. I think if I add two more then we can plant all of our beans and onions and maybe peas in the raised beds then have more garden space for things like corn, and tomatoes.

In other news; I am thinking of trying to buy an older car or truck and let the boys clean it up and have it painted ect and then sell it. I want to get the boys started in their own businesses as early as possible so that they can start making some real money. There is nothing quite as rewarding as having a 7 and 9 year old making some serious coin selling cars with their dad.
Got to go

Please leave me a comment if you have time. It gets lonely out here.

Snagley out.