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Friday, September 14, 2007 

why idiots steal copper

Copper theft is up because the price for scrap copper has risen above a dollar a pound. This means that someone can steal the copper water pipes under your house and the coils out of air conditioners and make a fairly good haul.

When I was an air-conditioning mechanic I used to scrap any old ac units that I replaced, back then the cost was less than 70 cents a pound. An average ac unit back then would yield me about 30 dollars.

So you can see if someone wanted some quick money they can find an empty house and with some bolt cutters clean out the copper in less than an hour and be gone.

A local idiot a few years ago climbed a high-tension power pole and tried to cut down some power lines. He was found after the power was reported out burnt to a cinder. It happens all the time where someone will try this at a sub station and die
And lately in Alabama, rural churches are getting hit because they do not have someone on guard or onsite every day.

They are starting to crack down hard in Alabama because of the frequency of theft. Also in the summer it seems that the elderly are hit more often and they can least afford to replace it and are at the highest danger without air conditioning.

Well you asked.

Snagley out.