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Thursday, September 06, 2007 

in this land of fun and sun, we dont flush for number one.

I noticed a problem with young children and the bathroom.

First have any of you with small children noticed the incomprehensible aversion to flushing the commode.

For a while at my house I thought my wife had bought a yellow tidy bowl dispenser.

Of course this is nothing compared to walking into the bathroom to discover number two and no toilet paper in the bowl.

I at first started quizzing the kids one at a time, “did you wipe your hind end when you went to the bathroom”. Then all the kids lie and say “Yes sir:

So now I just gather them together and tell them to go and wipe anyway. I sure am not checking to find the offending behind; fatherhood has got to have some limits.
So now have them flushing the commode, I did this by calling them all together and showing them two fingers of my right hand my middle finger and my fore finger and lower them in a rapid motion. This is the motion of someone flushing a toilet.
Whenever I see them coming from that end of the house I make that motion, they sigh, turn around and go flush the commode.
The problem with this is I don’t know who is wiping and who is not. Alas, and I am not checking.

The other problem is when I am in a hurry and go in and find little boy tinkle all over the toilet seat.
I at one time threatened to make them dig an outhouse in the woods and make them go there, but my wife would not let me do it.

My middle son is not the culprit I think, the reason I say this is he considers the entire world as his toilet. I can look out side and he will be sending a stream against any tree, bush, high blade of grass, or just standing in the middle of the yard creating an arc higher than himself. I did finally get him to stop pulling his pants down to his ankles when he pees in the yard. Remember I live out in the country. Anyone that is not at my house would not know. Having said that I am trying to break him of this habit as he does have a sister who, at this age, does not need an advanced degree in little boy bathroom habits.

Sorry all this talk about the bathroom has reminded me of something. I got to go

Snagley out.