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Friday, September 28, 2007 

Snagley goes to the doctor

As you know old Snagley has been sick. I have been to a ton of doctors and finally I went to another non-clinic doctor. I have been going to the doc in a box clinics but my wife insisted because I have been coughing for 6 months.

I go in and the receptionist meets me and tells me that they have interns in today and if I am willing to have the doctor train an intern during my visit they will waive my co-payment. So me the ever-cheap Snagley said ok.
I go in and they said ok put on this. It was one of those aprons your momma used to wear when she made jelly and did not want to stain her clothes. I said I don’t know why you want me naked to check out my lungs. They said just put it on Mr. Snagley. So, I did.

I am sitting there on this table with a paper tablecloth on it. I am sitting there in my drawers and this apron. My drawers are tasteful they are boxer shorts with the Tasmanian devil on them, quite charming. I sit there and the doctor comes in. he explains the deal with the interns and that one of them will be in momentarily and if I change my mind that the intern will leave. Well this is going to save me 25.00 so I say that I am ok with it.

Then in walks this girl that is younger than my Tasmanian devil underpants. Her name was Kailie. She is wearing a pair of scrubs that were about a size too small for her. She looks like a model or something. I did not have this in mind when I signed up for this, I pictured some guy with glasses who would come in and stand in the corner. Not some hot chick. I am instantly uncomfortable. Naturally I am afraid that she will find me attractive and then be ruined for all other men, I have no time for stalkers. I have that physique that women like her find irresistible, you know, balding, little muscle tone, a potbelly in the making, a farmers tan, and calloused hands.

The doctor said ok Mr. Snagley lets listen to your heart and I had to take off my apron. The intern looked me over and said,”nice underpants”. I said, “yes I know”.
She went on to tell me that her dad has a pair just like them; it is weird how these college girls flirt isn’t it. Then she pulled out a magnifying glass and went over me from stem to stern. She told me that she is aspiring to be a dermatologist because there are few calls in the middle of the night where someone needs a dermatologist.
I will not go into the examination in all its gory detail, but suffice to say they got their 25.00 worth.
At one point I was nude as a nightingale and checked head to toe, with considerable lingering in the middle.
Oh well I got to keep my 25.00.
I tried to let her go easy, as I left I said. Do I have to sign anything? And she said “no.”
Hope she doesn’t stalk me.

Snagley out.