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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 

Snagg got tagged

I was tagged by mox
Here you go.
if you have other questions for Snagley let me know

1. Are you really blogging anonymously, or is your real identity hidden somewhere on your site? I am really Bonaparte Oliver Snagley from Pooting Egret, Alabama

2. Why do you blog anonymously (or pseudo-anonymously)? Because there are too many nut job crazy people out there. Chuck for example

3. How many people know that you blog anonymously? One.

4. Do you have another blog(s) where you write under your real identity? No I just barely have this one.

5. Have you ever been discovered by someone you know? No, that I know of.

6. If you answered yes to #5, did they know they had discovered you? N/A

7. Have you ever thought about revealing your identity to your readers? No.