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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 

life comes along

Winifred has not taken my advice.
And blue butt painting does not pay well.
but if it pays anything it will be an astronomical raise for her.
If any of you have any experience at blue butt baboon communication correct me if I am wrong.

My baby is now 12 months old. He is a looker.
He has blue eyes and strawberry blond hair.

One of my best friends wife is dying.
Putting it in words makes me cry again.
When my wife had a biopsy about a year or more ago his wife had one too.
My wife’s turned out ok, his wife had a malignancy.
They fought it with surgery and chemotherapy.
And it is back. This time in her neck spine and shoulders.

This big strong man who has mentored me in many things, broke down with me and cried.
“What am I going to do when I wake up and reach across the bed and,,,,where is my wife., “
We both cried. He has a good marriage, and loves his wife dearly.

Life has a way of coming along doesn’t it?

Life is hard boys and girls. Damn hard.

I don’t want to miss any of it but it is hard.

IN other news
My poison oak is better I no longer itch.

Folks let me be honest with you. I am not a happy man right now. With all the crap I have been through in the last 6 weeks I am tired and worn out.
I need a break from all the anguish and frustration. I want a vacation. I am taking the second week of December off from work. Maybe I can recoup some of my old zing.
I don’t have much funny stuff to post about. I think life has just beat me down.

Try to bear with me. Surely I can get things going and be back to my old self at some point.

Oh, if you have boobs go get a mamogram right now. and give yourself a exam in the shower etc.
and send pictures

Snagley out.