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Monday, December 17, 2007 

Ok grade Snagley

I thought i would take the quiz and let yall grade me.

1.How many times in the past 30 days have your picked your teeth with something not designed to pick teeth. Business card, toenail clipping, scotch tape etc.
I use Scotch tape in an emergency. No toe nail clippings.

2. Have you ever gone barefoot and stepped on a garden slug.
Too many times to count

3. Have you ever eaten a bug on purpose?
This one goes without saying. Yes

4. Have you ever taken a sip of moonshine?
Yes, one time I was hunting squirrells in some back woods and came upon a still. I was 14 years old. One of the old men in the circle fired a shot gun into the air and scared me to death. I never went back there again.
I used to walk the creek and find pint jars half full of moonshine. Smelling them would singe the hair in your nose.

5. Have you ever milked a cow or tasted fresh from the cow milk?
Both. Sometimes at the same time.

6. Have you ever stepped in manure
I once ran a manure spreader in a hay field and accidently had it set on high speed. It rained manure for about 30 yards and I was covered in it.

7. Have you ever picked beans bare foot in the mud?
I don’t own rubber boots for picking beans. I like the feel of mud betwix my toes.

8. Have you ever done something extraordinary
Define this however you like. I have.

9. Are you a member of something bigger than yourself
The Snagley family.

10. When you stand at the beach, and looked at the ocean and felt small.
I am small

11. Who is the most important person in the world?
It varies but it is usually my wife or one of my kids.

12. Who was the right tackle for the runner up at the 1982 rose bowl?
I hate football. I don’t even know how to look this one up.

13. How much does a hair cut cost?

14. Do you tip your garbage man?
No. don’t know if I should or not.

15. What is the definition of Giga-pixel?
One billion pixles

16. Would you ever consider going off the grid?
This means generating all of your own electricity and selling the excess to the power company. I have thought about it. It is expensive to set up.

17. How many inches can light travel in one year (in a gravity free vacuum)?
I hate leap year.
60.00 Seconds in a minute
3,600.00 Seconds in an hour
86,400.00 Seconds in a day
31,536,000.00 Seconds in a year
5,874,601,671,792.00 miles per year
31,017,896,827,061,800.00 Feet per year
372,214,761,924,741,000.00 inches per year

18. Who is your favorite
Garrison Keillor

19. What is your favorite
Fried egg sandwiches

20. How much does a date cost
My last date cost me about 50.00 dinner at a japanese stakehouse and coffee at a book store.