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Monday, January 14, 2008 

one frosty morning

My Dad got a digital camera for his birthday. this is a picture of the pasture taken from beside his work shop.
it is in the morning one frosty morning. looks pretty doesn't it.

he had a 2 gig card for it. but he only takes about 5 pictures at a time. I told him it would hold almost 3 thousand pictures but who am I go give out technical advise.
Thought i would post it.
that brush is the center is what we call the plum thicket. there are some dead plum trees surrounded by privet hedges.

that brush to the left of that is whats left of the privet that i have been cutting on for about 4 years.

The cubs came out last weekend, we had a good time. there were about 50 total. it was chaos but i like chaos. We had a fire for hot dogs, and the kids rode the zip line and walked around on the barrel and played on the tire swings. One kid fell in love with the chickens. I love kids.

We are pursuing a home study to see if we would make fit parents for an adoption. Cross your fingers.

Winnifred is still a child acting like a child, about to have a child. she looks like she did only now she looks like she is hiding a watermelon in her shirt and cantaloupes in her bra.

Its been a year since my accident where got the dandy scar on my head. Oh how time flies when you are having headaches.

Snagley out.