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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 

now i'm Broke

800.00 latter I have water.

I got to looking while i was under the house.
part of the house was plumbed with irrigation grade pvc not schedule 4o.
there are three differnet size of water line from 3/4 to 1/2.
what a mess. it will cost me about 3 grand to replumb the house, which i aint gonna do.
so i will live with it.

let me ask a question. i went to a class at my church over the weekend, and i want to ask a question.
it relates to relative humanity. i am not asking this with any angle i honestly just want to know what you think.

do you think that people are

a. all bad
b. mostly bad
c. partly bad
d. partly good
e. mostly good
f. all good.

let me define good and bad.
bad means totaly depraved without hope, unable to do good
good means totaly good without any flaws unable to do bad.

and by this i dont mean are they good at scoccer work or sex. i am talking about overall goodness of humanity. not your Mother and not Ted Bundy. people overall and in general.

dont answer if you dont want to.

Snagley out.