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Thursday, February 14, 2008 

eccentricity or just plain nuts

I was asked to write about some of the characters I know.

Growing up in the country in the 70s and 80s has left me knowing quite a few eccentric people.
The beauty of eccentricity is it allows one to not be constrained by the commonness of everyday people. It frees us up to be whatever is desired. However if you are to embrace eccentricity as a life style, you must be not only self-aware but also lack self-awareness. For if you take yourself to seriously then you view a life of eccentricity as the norm.

If you become eccentric to express your individuality then you become normal. Like someone who thinks they are rebelling against society by growing a goatee when everyone wears one.
One who is truly eccentric would never care if they are fulfilling a norm, or even realize that there is a norm. The truly eccentric person is only interested in being; anything else gets in the way of happiness.

I am trying to figure out whom to write about. It may end up being a dead uncle or something like that.
Look for that latter this week or first of next week.

In other news
I ran across that guy that I took to the Jimmy hale mission not too long ago.He has a job, an apartment and a nice used car.