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Friday, March 28, 2008 

tagged by Kelwhy

4 Films I'd watch again (in no particular order)

Forest Gump The movie was genius I sort of relate to Forest except I cant seem to stumble backasswards into greatness

Little Big Man – It’s a good day to die.

La Story – its my list so shut up

Return of the King – That scene where Gandalf rides down the hill parting the sea of orks gets me every time.

4 Places I've lived:

Mccalla Alabama - born and raised.

Montevallo Alabama – I only left after a mere 6 years of college with no degree

Charlotte NC – Huge mistake one year

Mccalla Alabama – now, they will probably burry me in the pasture.

4 T.V. shows I watch:

The Office – Dwight for President.

The Beverly Hillbillies – that Jethro cracks me up

that about it I hate TV

4 Things to eat:

Steak – But I like to cook it myself

Fruit – cantaloupe

Chicken potpie. – My wife makes one better than your mom

Eggs benedict – don’t know why just like it

4 Places I'd rather be:


The Beach at Fort Morgan

At a creek fishing with my kids