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Thursday, April 28, 2005 

If I could I would

If I could I would

1. Open a sporting goods, bait shop, service station, boat storage thing store.
2. Spend all of my time with my family.
3. Force Chuck to quit tobacco products
4. Learn to paint. No not houses I can do that I just hate to. I am talking like an artist. Not like Jackson Pollock or Salvador Dali, like the French impressionist only I would be an American impressionist I would paint scenes of country barbeques, or of people plowing and have the entire thing slightly out of focus so that people in the gallery would constantly be cleaning their glasses.
5. Spend my entire life helping my children not to have to work for other people.
6. Learn to fish for trout.
7. Raise quail and rabbits
8. Build my daughter a house in my pasture
9. Make my own wine.
10. Be standing on a pier somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico fishing and occasionally have my cold beer and interrupted by a fish.
11. Give more
12. Make love in the green grass beside the radio
13. Communicate love better
14. Create a new brand of spicy mustard that is a cross between spicy brown mustard, honey mustard, and djion mustard. A close copy of “Beaver” brand mustard with slightly more horseradish
15. Make everyone reading this blog a turkey sandwich
16. Own a house 5 to 15 miles from a beach.
17. Own the entire works of Jimmy Buffet (I am telling you the man is a poet)
18. Not wear shoes or long pants from this day forward.
19. Have a conversation with Steven Hawkins
20. Purchase a tent to camp with my boys. (Anyone got one for sale)
21. Build an extra room onto my house
22. Finish writing my book.
23. Become president and commission legitimate scientists with a one billion dollar grant to find me a safe cigarette. Then resign.
24. Go back to college
25. Make love to my wife in the soft early morning, beside the river, as the sun rises through the fog lifting gently off the undulating water like two horny, in heat rabbits,,, Only making it last longer

Well that’s about it. I guess I have given up on world peace.