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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

Save the Dust Bunnies

I know this is not my normal post but,,,,

As some of you know I am an astronomy buff. I like to stay up on this stuff.
This picture is Cosmic dust.
Really complex loops and blobs of cosmic dust that are hidden in the giant elliptical galaxy (NGC1316).
NGC 1316 is on the outskirts of a nearby cluster of galaxies, in the southern constellation of Fornax. (Don’t you just love these names).
It is about 60,000,000 light years away
Or, and you knew this was coming, 352,471,589,744,814,000,000 miles

Anyway what this turned out to be was just a giant blob of dust. A cosmic dust bunny. My point in this, and yes I do have one I that, I think we should embrace dust bunnies. I just need to convince my wife
My platform in my campaign for president in 2008 will be on dust bunny preservation, well that and my ongoing platform,” Money talks”
Snagley Out