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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

when I met the college roomate

I will refer to my roomate as Snidely.
He was a major league mess. before i started rooming with this guy i was walking down the hall. I see this guy looking majorly depressed. I went into his room and up against the was was a collosal pile of dirty clothes. This pile was 6 feet high. He told a tale of woe. His girlfriend was 6 hours away. His Momma was not there to wash his dirty drawers he had worn the same pare of sweat pants for the third day in a row. sad sad sad.
I told him to get his butt in gear and started throwing his clothes out into the hall. He started trying to wash his clothes and clean out his room. We found his desk under the pile of clothes. I reformed him from a bum on his way to homelessness back to status as a human being.
He was not thankful.
I also told him to ditch the away girl and find him a closer squeeze.
Snagley out