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Friday, January 14, 2005 

Crazy Melvin

At night I tell my kids these crazy stories about ,as it happens, Crazy Melvin. My son was laughing so hard the other day he almost passed out. My wife wants me to write them down she thinks it could be a childrens book. I dont konw about that but I keep forgetting parts of the stories and my kids call me on it. I am posting this so you can read it. I am still not entirely sure what path my blog should take. So i confess that this is to buy me some time.

This is the story of how Crazy Melvins parents met.

Jedidiah and Wanda Jenkins are simple folks. They don’t know that they are simple folks, because they don’t have any sense, I’m talking none at all, not even a little bit. Well Wanda has some, but not much, heck she married Jed. But the Jenkins love each other, profoundly. They met at the Stumptown rattlesnake roundup. Wanda was working in the kissing booth and Jed was trying to talk her into taking an IOU. Wanda finally agreed to kiss him if he would shut up and go away; well Jed put such a kissing on Wanda that she got a charley horse on her upper lip. She started saying “come on man you are kissing my lip off” and old Jed replied,” How bout a marring me woo hoo baby”. Of course when Jed said this he was a lot more animated. Wanda was so smitten by Jed’s sincerity that she married him that day at the rattlesnake roundup by the bi-vocational minister who was milking venom from the snakes. They went home together and the rest is history.


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