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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

The Snagleys immigrate to America

I thought I would give some hint of the Snagley family history. It all started when Friedrick Snagley, shall we say, forcibly immigrated to the United States. He was caught having relations with the king’s niece Bernadine. We they were both put on a ship loaded with livestock, for the new world. Lady Bernadine could hardly tolerate Friedrick he was a bit odd. She had been having the affair to get even with her mother for an arranged marriage with a Duke from a neighboring township. Friedrick was known ad the village idiot. He spent most of his time running naked down the street carrying a pig under one arm and a chicken under the other screaming ham and eggs, ham and eggs. He would usually proposition anyone in a skirt. Once he propositioned a visiting dignitary from Scotland who was wearing a kilt, having never seen anyone in a kilt, he thought he was seeing a rather homely woman with exceedingly hairy legs. It did not go over well. Friedrick soon recovered from having a kilt removed from his backside, and was back to his old tricks.
Meanwhile Bernadine ticked at her mother said that she would rather marry the village idiot that the prearranged Duke. Her mother brought in Friedrick to teach her a lesson. Of course, Friedrick came in nude with a chicken. Bernadine planted a sloppy wet one on his lips. A woman other than his mother had never kissed Friedrick, and she did not enjoy it, fell instantly in love with Bernadine. He slipped into her window that evening and promptly impregnated her. A kangaroo court was held and they were given the options of death or immigration. The choose immigration. 7 months latter Jean Paul Snagley was born. He was a well-known explorer who single handedly spread sexually transmitted diseases to 5 different native American tribes. But that is a story for another day.