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Friday, January 14, 2005 

Man I am tired today..
I went for a hike yesterday about 6 miles back into the woods. This is more than I am used to so I came home a little tight. I went into the bath room and showered my Atlas like body. I was starting to feel sore in my thighs so I got out the ICY HOT. I put it on my legs and then went to bed to rest and stink. This all happeded early in the day and I was back up around 4 Pm spent some time with the kids and wife. Kids went to bed and we watched a movie. The exorcist. Now i am ready for some major league nightmares. I went to bed for good around 11:00 pm the wife was up watching tv. I went to sleep. ZZZZ ZZZZZZZ then I am awaken by a screem a window breaking, bone crunching, wake the dead, come quick and bring an ambulance scream. I go running into the bathroom where the scream originated. My wife is in there and all she says is and I quote " NEVER PUT THE ICY HOT ON THE BACK OF THE COMODE WHERE I KEEP THE PREPERATION H"
and believe me I won't
Snagley out