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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

The worst haircut

My roomate in college was very proud of his hair. Vain even. He sort of had a mini pompandor.
He asked a mutual friend of ours a girl from the dorm accross the quad to please cut his hair for him. She came over and started cutting. Our dorm had a curfew of 10:00 on weekdays and 10:00 came and went. When I mentioned this she suddenly got nervous. We snuck girls in and out all the time no big deal but she was freaking out. She started clipping faster and faster. I looked up and saw scalp. lots of scalp but not even. there were hunks taken out here and there. the only part that was left intact was this long tuft in front. The old boy looked like a partialy sheered sheep. She offered to trip up this tuft but he emphaticly said NO.
He had to wear a hat for weeks by the time it grew out enough to be cut again by a professional this tuft reached down below his bottom lip. It was halarious. I have a picture somewhere of it showing a profile view of the side of his head. If i can find it i will try to post it.
Buddy if you are out there reading this if you have that pic i will pay you big money for it.