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Tuesday, September 09, 2008 

Luann for President

Good grief. Luann is getting a tattoo.

I thought that the republic was in trouble when we have McCain and Obama running for
Neither of which I would put in middle management.
Frankly I think the worst thing for us is if either of them wins. Obama is proving to be a typical political liar, and McCain is no better.

Both flip flop dependant upon which audience they are speaking to. And please don’t try to defend either; it is a sad commentary on our nation when public liars are our only choice.
I know some of you will say, “Well they all do it, whatever it takes to get elected.”
I am tired of that. I want someone with integrity I want a yes to be yes and a no to be no. I don’t want to debate the definition of “is”.

Please write this down, we will not be better off in 4 years than we are now. That says nothing for our current administration. I think history will decide about Bush, I don’t think he is as great as his ardent supporters say or as bad as his detractors. The statement that we will not be better off in 4 years is a sad commentary on Obama and McCain and our lack of choices for the next election.

I think Luann would be a better choice

Back to Luann, her brother, Brad, got a tattoo. That Toni Daytona girl pressured him into it. So now Luann thinks she needs one too, as she said to be unique just like everyone else.

What’s next Ziggy growing a goatee, Dagwood wearing crocs, Garfield goes vegetarian.

Snagley out.

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