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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 

Snakes, beans, and onions

Son #2’s gift with animals does not, as it turns out, include snakes. He looked into the hen’s nest and found a 4-foot garter snake looking for mice and had a conniption fit.

Can’t say that I blame him, old no shoulders and I have not had a long and illustrious friendship. (Sounds like a Bo Snagley childhood post in the making) My wife verified the existence of said snake, it would seem now that I have a new job of snake eradication. I don’t particularly want to kill the snake, snakes eat mice and I have an overabundance of mice. However, I don’t want to be the one who has to feed the chickens and gather eggs henceforth and forever, that’s one of the reasons I had kids.
Ideas anyone.

In other news,

We are harvesting our green beans. Son one, Son two, daughter and I picked one third of a row and got 6 market baskets full. The row is 70 feet. We are getting lots of tomatoes and more peppers than we can handle. We have started leaving squash and zucchini in the cars of people that foolishly leave their windows open. And, believe it or not gentle readers we have corn this year. We got maybe a quart of blueberries this year the rest got eaten by marauding children. But a coworker gave me 3 gallons, which we froze.

We went to the farmers market and bought some peaches for our peach salsa and some for pies. We found some clear seed peaches for 5 dollars per basket; we bought 9 baskets and had some pies. The kids have lots of t-shirts with peach juice stains on them, but that’s what childhood is for.

We also bought 20 pounds of Vidalia onions and then were gifted with another 20 pounds of Vidalia onions from a friend. 40 pounds is a lot of onions. If you are not familiar with Vidalia sweet onions you should familiarize yourself, the best application is a cross section applied to a home grilled hamburger.

Well thanks for the comments on the previous post. I will try to post more often.

Snagley out.