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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

Ask Snag and News

Latest news update

I have not posted a lot lately.
My pleasure from posting has come from telling stories that are all flawlessly true from my youth.
But when I post these I get no comments and frankly they take a lot of energy to write.
I used to joke with Chuck back when he was around that I could post a picture an ingrown toenail and get tons of comments but pour my energies into a story and get Bubcus.
I have started telling about news from Lake Snagley, which gets mixed reviews at best.
I have tried ask Snagley posts and that works well some times.
So today I have decided to post news with a ask Snagley.

Son 2 may have some sort of gift with animals. It’s getting sort of freaky
He has always carried chickens and cats and other assorted animals around the yard his entire life. He told me the other day he had been catching birds in the back yard.
I sort of took this with a grain of salt until I saw him do it.
He would walk up to the bird feeder at a profoundly slow pace then reach up and grab a bird. Then the bird would chirp loudly and sit there till he would release the bird.
Then yesterday I get home and he says watch this Dad. He walked up to the bird feeder at a normal pace put up his hand and the bird stepped onto his fingers as if he were a parakeet. He then walked around the yard carrying this bird. He would point his finger straight up and the bird would adjust to the new position without showing fear. But if I walked up the bird would fly off.
He has named the bird Lulu.

Ask Snagley

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Snagley out.

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