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Tuesday, July 01, 2008 

well its official "I cant sleep"

Well I have to go back to the sleep clinic.
Evidence shows that I wake up 14.5 times per hour.
I have to go back to the sauna, and get hooked up to a shop-vac running in reverse and set the pressures low enough so my eyes wont bug out. This is supposed to make me sleep better.

Evidently what happens is my throat is closing off while sleeping. This causes me to not breath. I have discovered it is not good to not breathe. The Doctor told me that if at all possible he would prefer that I breathe all night long. As he said, “Oxygen in your body promotes good health” I am assuming he is not referring to the cable network.

I said “Yeah doc that makes sense, but this time how about a room with air conditioning and towels and soap”.
He replied “sure as shooting Sleepy, this time you will not have to dry off with a bath mat and use antibacterial hand soap as shampoo”.
I said “Good that last time was just beyond horrible”.

So I am going back for another round.

In other news
I plan on posting garden pictures soon.
The adoption paperwork is in the works.
If anyone knows of a kid in need of adoption please let me know.
I am being serious.

Snagley out.