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Thursday, May 15, 2008 

How to feed Bo Snagley

My favorite dish

I like to start with a bed of white rice
Next I like to apply a nice portion of hot black-eyed peas. (Not the Fergie variety)
Then two or three awe heck makes it 4 tablespoons of my wife’s homemade salsa
I like to chase this with a big glass of ice water (light ice).
As a side dish I like home made corn bread cooked in a skillet with real butter.

For desert my favorite is cold black berry cobbler.

But about once or twice a year.

I like to go to the local polar locker and buy some fresh 1-¼ inch t-bone stakes
I make my own basting sauce using butter, Lemmon juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and some Tabasco for good measure.
I poke the steak full of holes with a fork.
For the fire I use only hickory and burn it to a bed of coals no charcoal.
I add about 4 green hickory branches to provide some smoke and then put on the steaks.
I baste the steak I don’t soak it. I turn the steak only once
While the steak is cooking I take some homemade bread and butter it and toast it butter side down.
I like a salad straight from the garden so this has to happen in spring to early summer when the lettuce is right. +
I like lettuce tomato, cucumbers, shaved radishes, and some bell peppers.
I like a nice merlot and I like my merlot lightly chilled (don’t start with me about that room temperature nonsense)

For desert I like strawberries and cream. Yes real cream.

Snagley out