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Thursday, April 03, 2008 

News from Snagley


I have planted the 4 new thornless blackberries, and some new grapes.
The hens have resumed laying eggs and I am getting from 9 to 12 a day again.

My wife has started home schooling a kid who was going to a local public school. He was crying every day and begging his dad to not make him go back. His mom left them when he was 3 years old and has nothing to do with him. His schoolmates were teasing him because of his race. When his dad approached the school administrators they told him that life is hard and there was not much they could do to change it. His dad plans to put him in a private school in hopes of a better situation, but this wont happen till next year. So his adoptive grandmother is paying my wife to home school him till the end of the school year. The kid likes historic and scenic Snagley Acres.
I shall refer to the kid as Blemsniggle. Blemsniggle is not used to other kids being kind to him or even acting nice so he doesn’t know what to think when one of my kids offers to do something nice for him. It is one of those times when I am glad that we home school our kids. If you don’t like home schooling please keep it to yourself.

In other news
Winifred has birthed her baby {c-section}. Cute kid. She is currently hospitalized with mastitis, she had surgery two days ago and they had to leave the wound open and packed. They took over 90cc of fluid off her breast. She has been in a lot of pain. She scammed my wife out of some money the other day, easy come easy go. Winifred’s mom kicked her out of the house the other day. She is living with her sister. The father of the child is still in jail. I found out that he did not just steal copper from the power company but her set the truck afire afterwards, a real genius. He has yet to stand trial for that.

In yet other news
I am taking my family on a 7-day vacation this year, the first one of my adult life. We are going to Dauphin Island. I plan to sleep late and fish late. Dauphin Island is about 3 miles long it has two restaurants and one gas station. No grocery stores or other such distractions. I am not sure if there is even a bait shop. Bring it with you if you want it.
Not much to do there unless you like to fish and go bird watching, both of which I do. It has an Esturarium and Fort Gaines there is the Audubon bird sanctuary. I plan on buying a new spotting scope that I have wanted for a while. Anyone have one for sale? There is also the Dauphin island ferry that takes us to Fort Morgan one of my favorite places on earth. There are two fish piers the dauphin island fishing pier, which is high and dry from the last hurricane. But, it makes it an easy walk to Pelican Island for some serious surf fishing. The other pier is the cedar point pier it is on the sound side of the island but is great for fishing like I like to do.

I will think of you fondly.
Snagley out