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Wednesday, April 09, 2008 

Snag Facts

Snagley Facts
i got tagged by You are my Texas Sunshine

1. I live in the same house I was raised in, in the same room actually. And my kids are being raised in the same house that I was raised in.

2. I have not felt rested in over 10 years. I wake up tired and go to bed tired. I think I have sleep apnea or something. I am going to a sleep clinic in two weeks to find out if that is my problem or if it is something else like a weird thyroid or some other problem.

3. My wife accidentally gave away my good shoes. There was a shoe drive at a local church and I was going through all my old shoes and she put my good ones with them. I had to buy a pair yesterday and they are not comfortable.

4. If I could do anything in the world. I would stay home all the time with my family and soak them up.

5. My hobbies include but are not limited to, kid watching, kid playing, wife smooching, tying flies, wood carving, gardening, antique fishing rods and reels, fishing, hunting, bird watching, hiking, camping, geocacheing, reading, examining the entire contents of antique stores, and archery.

6. I have a great plan in my head for a solar hot water heater but I have not had the time or money to put in into place. I made a beta version and it created a lot of steam, I may have to tone it down a bit. I want to rig it up in my truck so when we go hunting and fishing in remote areas we can have hot water for hands etc.

7. Other than my family I don’t have many friends. I don’t make friends easily. I miss the companionship of close friends.

8. I suffer from depression, its not debilitating but I struggle with it every day. 99.71% of the time I have it whipped but some times it kicks me in the rear.

9. If I am wearing pants I have a pocketknife with me.

10. I want to fence in the place and raise boer goats, and belted Galloway cows, but time and money are conspiring to leave me goatless and cowless.