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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 

news from lake snagleybegon


My brother is ok. He has been smoking since he was 11 years old. This is what 41 years of smoking will do to you. And yes, my parents about tore his hind end up when they would catch him smoking, it did no good, if you want to smoke you do and when you are addicted you don’t care. I spoke to the cardiologist who installed his stint and did his balloon angioplasty he showed me his x-ray, and said he is a long term smoker isn’t he. He pointed to the vein and said this vein is almost always only blocked when the patient is a smoker. 30 minutes latter he would be dead.

Winifred is still an idiot. She is currently working 15 hours a week for 6.00 per hour. You do the math. She floats between her parent’s house and her sister’s house. She will fight with one and leave then fight with the other and leave. She is driving an old 70s Cadillac with a bad alternator. I am trying to not get too involved she keeps scamming us for money, and I don’t want to enable her to irresponsible behavior. I keep trying to take her to the largest employer in Alabama and get her to apply for a job. She refuses. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make a pig and a poke out of a sow’s ear, with a bird in the hand.

I am trying to get the garden in the ground but it keeps raining.

Son #2 is trying to save up to buy his own chickens. His pet chicken Patty laid her first egg today. He boiled it and ate it for lunch.

Son #1 is learning to write novels. His language book for home school is learning to write the novel way. He is excited.

Daughter has lost her middle tooth and looks even cuter. She is mad about having to learn math. I told her “sorry”.

Baby 17 months old now and is running around the house. He is a real cutie.

Wife is doing well. I got her a pearl and diamond ring for mother’s day.

Cub scouts day camp is coming up. I am looking forward to that.

I am doing ok.

I am having a really hard time not having a new baby in my house. I know that lots of folks don’t want lots of kids and to each his own but I am grieving about it. I always wanted at least 5 kids. I am still looking at adoption but most agencies don’t understand wanting 5 when you have 4 and put you way down the list. We are looking at international adoption now.

Questions please

And I am sorry I have not answered all of the tag your it posts.
Try me now and I will try to catch up. Be sure to leave me a comment if I am tagged or send me an email.

Snagley out.