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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 

this is your snagley on drugs

This is in answer to the Cake Lady

Has Bonaparte Snagley ever done drugs?
Nope I did not even see any till I was in my mid 20s.
I have lived and continue to live around people who have done drugs and are doing them now. I have not seen the glamour or the pleasure that drugs reportedly bring.
I have seen a brother in law who lives in a friend’s spare room after loosing his house, wife, cars, and job. He made a base of 50 + commission. He now makes less than ½ that. And has driven a wedge between his parents and will probably bring about their early deaths due to stress and worry.
I see this all the time. I volunteer at a homeless shelter sometimes and drug use is the main reason that they are full.

But there are plenty of things that I am not proud of that I will tell them not to do and not feel guilty about it. Just because I screwed up does not mean that I can’t tell my kids not to foul up too. I have the sex talk to give to one of my boys this weekend and while I was a virgin when I married. I fooled around in ways that I wish I had not. I will tell this about this in miniscule detail and explain my values and how I hope better for them.

I was afraid to use drugs. I did not avoid them for any other reason other than I never saw them. I was terrified of alcohol I had a grandfather who was an alcoholic who died long before me. His stories were legendary. Plus I worked around drunks at a local feed store and their lives never appealed to me much.
Wish I could say it was because I was so virtuous that I avoided it but that is the truth.
I do enjoy the fruits of the vine and the flavor of a cold brew now.

Snagley out