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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 

answers to questions

1. Chickie, I have no birthmarks. I do wish somone would take them.

2. Christoph About 3 years is the max. Yes most of the chicken you get in stores is 6-months old or less when they get old they get stringy and chicken salad or dumplings is about all they are good for. If you tried to fry an old chicken it would be like trying to eat a piece of tractor tire.
My dream tractor would be anything brand new, but I am trying to find a Ford 8N. They were made back in the 1950s; they were overbuilt so they are still reliable and not too hard to find parts for. The one in the link is in Nevada so that does me no good.

3. Christina LMT We have had chicken funerals (very sad) but I don’t have room for 17 chickens + 20 more. Chickens can be mean and the older hens would kill the newer chicks.
I dated my wife for 6 months then asked her to marry me then waited 9 LONG months for the wedding. Once I got to know her, I new I wanted to marry her. If you got to know her you would love her too.

4. Chuck no comment