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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

a tale of two snagleys

There I was.

Me and my boy.

We had just come from being skunked again deer hunting.
It was a dark and dreary night. Rain aplenty we were traveling on hwy 280, I noticed some cop lights up ahead and started to slow down. I was stopped in the road waiting my turn in traffic when I heard a screech. I looked in the mirror and saw a truck bearing down on me, I realized that there was no way this guy was going to stop in time, I remember hoping that he would use the empty paved shoulder of the road and go around me. Then I felt the pound and heard the crash. I was knocked across the median and into oncoming traffic. I steered the truck off the road and turned it off.

I opened my eyes and saw blood pouring from my head into my lap. I then looked to the right and say my son. He looked scared really scared.

Daddy mode took over and it was all about him. We talked and I told him Daddy is hurt are you ok, He looked at me with his baby blue doe eyes and said “yes Daddy”. I told him I am going to be ok but I am going to need his help. I needed him to do exactly what I said but that Daddy is tougher that a wrecked truck and we are going to be fine. I got him to hand me a cotton vest to try to stop some of the blood. I got him out of the truck and we walked over to a covered wagon that the filling station I was in front of was using as a prop. I had him get into the wagon behind me, and I calling my wife.

The cops showed up quickly as they were already there from the first wreck. I was pretty much out of it so I told the wife I had a wreck and I did not know where I was and hung up. The paramedics showed up less than 5 min from the time of the wreck. I found out latter that I was across the street from the fire dept. I gave my blood covered phone to a paramedic and told her to press 2 and hold it and speak to my wife.

The paramedics applied pressure to try to slow the blood flow. I was wearing a pair of military polypropylene long johns and a long sleeve cotton t-shirt. They were both saturated to my skin from the head down with blood. Blood was in my eyes and I could taste it in my mouth. I found out latter that 2 arteries in my head were severed.

I kept speaking to my boy and trying to assure him I was going to be ok. He was very brave. I am very proud of the way he handled things. He is an awesome kid. He is going to be a profound adult. He stayed with me so that we could hear each other. They loaded us into an ambulance and he got up front where there is a seat belt. I had him tell the paramedics about the squirrels we saw that evening and the woodpeckers and the good time we had riding the 4wheel drive gator around in the mud.

We got to the E.R. the unloaded me and took me inside. I had lost a lot of blood at this point and I could tell by the faces of the people that I passed that I must have looked pretty bad. I could not hear my son at this point and called for him. He ran to the gurney and we talked. He started to cry when he saw me. I assured him that I am tougher than this, and got him telling the E.R. nurses about our day.

Family services showed up and my boy went with them. 2 min latter my in-laws showed up and took him to the waiting room. He gave them a long hug and i finialy relaxed
Then I went into a room for some work.

To be continued.

P.S. I am much better now.

P.S.S thanks for all you kind comments