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Monday, January 08, 2007 


The transmission on my Honda Odyssey minivan went out. The drive train is just out of warranty so I had to beg and plead, and promise to cut their grass for the next five years in a tank top, to get the part covered covered. I still have to pay the labor but they are paying for the part. If you have 4 kids and your other vehicle is a small pickup truck, a minivan is of extreme importance.

In other news, I am trying to hire someone to work for me. I keep getting people who tell me things like. “ I would like to find a job that will provide money for my drug addiction but not interfere with my Klingon language lessons. Or the classic quote, “I am sort of lazy and disorganized but I know it which is the first step in becoming better.

Oh folks if you are going for an interview. Check yourself before you come in. Ladies if you are wearing a pantsuit be sure your zipper is up. And if you have problems with your zipper please wear underpants. I had a lady come in with her zipper down and hair showing. Quite embarrassing for the both of us.

And lastly and I cant stress this enough people a shower and some deodorant will go a long way to impressing a potential boss. One guy smelled like a locker room. And coincidently this is a position that involves travel to customer sites. I cant send someone to a customer site that smells like a camel in heat.

Snagley out.