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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 

Older kitchen pic

This is the kitchen from the afore blogged picture. I live in the house my parents lived in. They live in an apartment beside the house. Needless to say it is an old house.
This picture has my grandmother at far left my great aunt at center and my mom at right.
this is Christmas a long time ago.
My grandmother is preparing a ham. I remember she had this pan that was too small so every year my dad would cut the ham in half with a meat saw.
My Aunt is cooking home made rolls. My mom is reveling in having her two hero's in her kitchen for Christmas. I am still in bed. I am about 4 or 5 at the time of this picture.
What do you think of those house coats that someone made for them as Christmas presents.
I wish I was a kid again just for a day. I would most likely choose this day and sit and talk with my Grandmother, She lived in the apartment that my parents live in now.I miss those days when I knew nothing of the pain and trials of life. I wish I could just wake up to a big hug and a kiss and be sent outdoors for the day my biggest worry of the day would be trying to wear out the day.

in other news. My dad had a CAT scan and they have found no cancer after his surgery.

In yet other news. My 5 year old daughter had the flu. Yes, can you believe it the freaking flu.
If my 3 week old gets it he will be immediately admitted to the hospital.
It is always something. I am praying that the baby wont get the flu and have to be hospitalized. The doc said it is a bad thing or babies to have the flu.

In yet more news. I have had some unforeseen expenses come up and will not be able to buy the rifle I had been saving for, oh well I reckon if something needs shooting, I will do it with the old 30 30 for a while anyway.

Snagley out.