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Friday, January 26, 2007 

Pinewood derby

I have the pinewood derby this weekend.
I now have two boys involved. Each has a car. Then my daughter who is 5 and I made one for her for the open division. Then I, of course, made one for the purpose of showing everyone up. It looks like a 69 jaguar with 9 coats of silver paint and flames on the hood.
It weighs about twice the cubs weight limit of 5oz. The open division is for parents and siblings we can soup up the cars and cheat and all that. We do this so the dads will let the kids build the cars and the dads can get their competitive urges out and the kids wont freaked out when their opponents car sets the track on fire.

When I was a kid I worked on my car for days. I carved it, sanded it, painted it, mounted the wheels and all that junk. It was as slow as an iron toad. When the day came I imagined it winning the whole deal and it barely made it off the track. So, I make sure that all the kids have fast cars. Especially the kids of single moms.

There is one kid whose Dad abandoned them, the asshole left one day and never calls or makes any contact with his two boys, monetarily or otherwise. The mom wants her boys around men so I gave them a scholarship them into the cub scouts. She is clueless about things like pinewood derby cars, so I am trying to make sure he has a good time and has a car that makes it to the end of the track.

One dad is a graphic artist and has carved his sons car with a dremmell. His kids don’t even know which car is theirs. I make my kids do the entire deal. But I help them tweak them so they will go fast..
I will post some pics form the derby next week so you can see what happens.

In other news
No deer yet this season. This weekend is it. The season ends at the end of the month. So those of you rooting for the deer are almost home free.