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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 

What's Up With Snagley...

Hey folks, this is Chuck. You may have read about me here on Snag's blog from time to time. Bo wanted me to post here and let you people know what's going on with him....

This past Saturday afternoon he and his oldest son were involved in a traffic accident. His son walked away without a scratch, luckily, but old Snag didn't have it so good. He spent a night in the hospital and has 40 stitches in his head and also had a major concussion. Mrs. Snagley called me Monday and filled me in, and Snag called me this afternoon to give me more of the details. I tell you folks, he's pretty bad off. I could tell he is in terrible pain just from the sound of his voice. He hopes to be back to work, and therefore back to blogging, sometime next week.

Y'all keep him in your thoughts and prayers and let's hope he'll have a speedy recovery. He'll fill us all in on all the details when he gets back.