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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

I am sitting here contemplating my lunch. I had lunch with fellow blogger Chuck.
He looks nothing like his picture. I dont know where he got the picture. Chuck is about 5foot6 weighs maybe 120, bald as a spear.
When i was a kid we lived next door to he Murphy brothers. They played football. The elder brother had to have a special helmet made to fit his rather large head. we called him fat head murphy. He snuck into his younger brothers room one night and cut his hair. His Mom took him to the barber shop he ended up with a flat top hair cut. So we called him Flat Head Murphy.
They were mean. Real mean. Every summer they had an apple tree that had tons of apples in their back yard. They would throw them at me and my sister. They would hit us with those mushy apples and they hurt.
One fall I came up with a pumpkin. a rotting pumpkin. the kind that when you pick it up sloshes with rotten pumpkin juice, yello nasty thin skinned.
I sent my Sister out to take out the trash, as a decoy. Then I slipped out the front door, got my pumpkin and snuck over to the Murphy house. They saw my sister and hit the door and hid behind their pump house where they had pilled tons of rotting apples. They were otherwise occupied while i shuck behind Fat head held my pumpkin high and let it drop with a sickning but oh so sweet THONK. Fat Head was covered with pumpkin jiuce. I paid for it that day.
but it was worth it. It is one of those memories that gets me by on these cold, grey, wet, tired, dreary days.
Snagley Out.