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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 

Humphrey visits the Doc

My Uncle Humphrey Snagley is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He drove over to the Doc n the box medical clinic the other day. He also is a hypochondriac he once thought he had a bad case of pms for about 6 weeks till someone took pity on him and told him it was not Pain in the Mid Section. He took almost a case of Midol seeking relief. Turned out that Beano was a better cure. He worries the doctors to death showing up all the time with any problem ranging from bubonic plague to hang nails.
Anyway, he showed up and walked in there was no one else there so the nurse showed him into a room and took his temperature, weight etc. He sat in there for the normal 45 minutes. The doc came in and, knowing what a nut Humphrey is’ asked well what ya got now Snagley. Humphrey answered shingles. The Doc ordered a blood test. An attractive nurse came in and took Humphrey’s blood. Then the doc had him take off his shirt and examined him but found nothing, he then told him to take off his pants nothing. He then told him to get butt naked he called two other doctors into the room and the nurse; they all went over him with magnifying glasses looking for any sign of shingles. The found none. By then the blood test came back negative.The Doc then told Humphrey “ well Snagley we have gone over you head to toe, stem to stern and we cant find any sign of shingles. We took blood. And for general principles even gave you a prostate exam.” If you have any shingles I would like to know where they are. Humphrey, who was sitting there butt naked, answered, “I appreciate all the attention I defiantly don’t get this sort of treatment at home, try as I might, the shingles are out in the truck where do you want them.