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Thursday, March 08, 2007 

Update from the house of Snagley

Time for a general update

Dick. it is the 3.42 thanks for the information on the engine i will change to mobile 1 at the next oil change. what do you know about the transmission with the 3.42 ?

The baby is doing well, fat and sassy like his dad.
the other kids have some sort of bazooka barf virus, this virus causes late night projectile vomiting, usually directed at a benevolent parent.

i had a chicken die the other day for no aparent reason. i suspect it had an egg blockage but rather than preform a necroprocy i chuncked her into the burn barrell and built a large fire on top of her befor the kids saw the dead chicken. ahh life on a farm.

I made a rather large sale the other day. it will add 1/3 to the size of the company. I am getting a series commission checks for it. I plan to finialize the purchase of the farm with it. It will be good to own my home outright. but after that i will be broke again.

I am going out of town next week but may be able to post from the hotel.

My oldest boy earned his Bear badge in cub scouts last week. he will be moving up to webelos next. He was upset because he said that he does not want to leave the cub scouts because he is proud of all the stuff he has done in the past 3 years. I love being a Dad.

In other news i have promised to take my wife on a weekend trip where ever she wants to go as long as we drive. She is trying to find a driving destination not far from home so that we dont spend the entire weekend driving.

Oh for the record chickens do not urinate. they expell their liquid waste with their solid waste.
thought you might be interested.

Snagley out.