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Thursday, May 05, 2005 

Ok here is what happened.
About a year ago my wife had some discomfort in her breast. She had a mammogram. It showed some calcifications. She was told this is normal have a nice day. When her doctor saw it she freaked and told her that due to the size and placement of this calcification that it needed to be investigated again in 6 months. In that time my wife lost some weight to make the mammogram more accurate. She had the mammogram yesterday and it had grown and spread, the radiologist said if my wife were his daughter or mother he would have her do a biopsy. The doctor concurred and chaos reigned.

To do the biopsy they take what amounts to a core sample of my wife’s breast. About the size of a target arrow, and about 6 inches long, she said it was not pleasant.

The results will come today at 4:45 or Friday sometime.

This is a royal pain in the hind end for my wife; I am a pretty tough guy in most respects except when it comes to her. I once punched a vendor for making an innuendo about her virtue. She is my soft underbelly. I do not allow my children to be rude to her. I do not allow profanity in her presence. I am old fashioned about the way a wife is to be treated. I try my best to be a man she can be proud of.
Having said that I fail constantly, that is the great thing about grace it don’t matter how many times I fail. She fails too and we understand that we both are major screw ups.

We have been married 10 years. My parents have been married 64 years. I pray that we make it that long.