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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

Momma Snagleys birthday (ok this one is real)

The birthday party went well.
We had the entire immediate family fly in for a surprise party Friday night. We had not all been together in 5 years. My Mom turned 80 my father is 84. They were convinced that they would die without seeing all of their children together in one place again.

We decided to tell them about my sister flying in so that it would not be too large of a shock on my father. When we told them Friday morning he cried and shouted like a little boy. I have never seen him so excited. At the party my brothers were all there from out of town they were shocked to say the least. The next morning I was walking around the garden with my mom she said that if she knew turning 80 was so much fun she would have done it years ago.

The next day Mom Dad my brothers my sister and I took them out to eat at a ritzy restaurant. It was good and Mom and Dad had a great time, and there were no fights. We had another surprise party for Moms friends and extended family at their church and we needed to waste an hour. We went next door to a hardware store and checked out the dune buggies. I got a test ride around down town that was adrenalin pumping to say the least. We then took Mom to a sporting goods store to stall her; we were running out of ideas. Then we took her by her church under the guise of her showing it to us.

She was clueless and was shocked she had a wonderful time. Every time I see her now I shout “surprise” and she shoots me a mean look. I was glad we could give her a fun time. She is a great mom. All of the credit goes to my Wife and My niece. They put it together. My mom basically raised my niece; her father and mother are quite worthless. My mother is quite a woman. Oh well the good thing is no one yelled or screamed, no one started any fights. It was much better than I could have expected.Snagley out