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Thursday, March 10, 2005 

Insanity personified

My family is all coming in for my Mothers 80th birthday party. My wife and my neice are in charge of the deal. Bless them both. I am a basket case. I am looking as forward to this as an elective colon exam. If all of my family gets in one room at the same time, somebody is going to loose some teeth. My estranged sister is coming in from out of town. The Snagleys are a weird bunch. i have 3 brothers and a sister
1. D my oldest brother 20 years older than I pretty cool guy bad temper.
2. H my second oldest brother look in the dictionary next to anal retentive you will see his picture
3. C my third brother redneck and dumb a waste of good skin
4. BO Snagley
5. M my younger sister. oddest of the bunch we dont have time or space to go into her history.

we have invited 160 couples to this shin-dig,,, i am thinking about going fishing instead.
or maybe paying someone to hit me in the head and come out of the coma on monday.
well be thinking about the Snagleys this weekend