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Friday, March 23, 2007 

wandering no point post. (sorry)

I was born 4 of 5. My oldest brother is 20 years older than me. My first memories are of me writing him letters when he was fighting in Vietnam. I would scribble on a pad of paper and my mother would make up words and read it to me. I sent him one almost every day. I remember when someone at my church saw me writing a letter and told me it was gibberish. I cried for over two hours before they had to take me home and I cried myself to sleep. I was around 4 years old and new that he could die any day, how else could he know that I loved him if he could not read my letters.
But I digress.

I was poor. My parents both worked to send me to a private school. It is one of the biggest regrets of my life that I did not attend public school. Poor people in private schools face many hardships.

My dad was forced into retirement from the steel mill when I was around 14. I started working that summer at various farms in the area. I arose at 4:30 each day to milk cows. This continued for years. I also worked construction building houses and digging ditches. I have stood in the mud and shoveled muck every day for many years.

After high school I went to a trade school and learned to fix and repair air conditioners. I made a 4.0. Then my girl friend of 4 years left me so I went a little crazy and enrolled in college at a local university. I worked off and on to pay my own way. Many times I did not have enough money to eat. My good and weird buddy Chuck would smuggle me into the cafeteria so I would not starve. I once went 7 days with out anything to eat, one or two days without food was not abnormal but 7 was the max. My parents were broke too and could not help me with money. I remember driving my car to the university and leaving it parked for weeks at a time because I did not have enough gas to drive it. It was a 1971 Chevy nova 4-door pea green that got about 12 miles to the gallon, and that was oil.

I got really sick with a kidney infection that went unchecked and spent two weeks in intensive care. Of course I had minimal insurance so I ended up dropping out of college. I tried to go back once but had more hospital bills that I could not pay so I left for good.

When I started this I had a point but I forgot what it was, this head injury is doing that to me. Oh well I will try again latter.

Snagley out.