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Friday, March 25, 2005 

Buck the feminist

My friend Buck the feminist

My friend Buck was an excellent basketball player. He played a little college basketball. In high school he practiced all the time. I remember one time it was time for his team to practice and the girl’s basketball team was playing in the gym. The coach had them leave the gym and go out to the parking lot and practice using a hoop nailed to a telephone pole with no backboard. Buck was a ringleader in this and firmly believed that girls did not have any rights to the gym or its equipment. His belief was the girls should be on the sidelines cheering in short skirts. I remember it distinctly

Now lets jump ahead 20 years. Buck has married and has three girls, three beautiful, profoundly sweet daddy’s girls. One the oldest Stacey is a volleyball player. She shows some promise and could easily play on many colleges now. She is a sophomore in high school. She was playing volleyball in the gym at her high school the other day when the boys basketball team came in and told them they would have to leave the boys needed the gym.

Buck was in the stands. I saw it. It was phenomenal. At that very moment, and I should have taken pictures. My friend Buck became a militant feminist. Needless to say those boys did not play on that court that day. Lawsuit pending.

This is for you Buck