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Friday, February 18, 2005 

52 Things about the college Snagley

Oh and pick a number 1-100

1. I barely got into college
2. I was in college 5 years and had over 10 majors
3. I was in student government
4. I was a college cheerleader
5. I was a member of a fraternity
6. I had the most fun in the fraternity as a pledge
7. I regret being a cheerleader it was a stupid waste of my time
8. I made better grades in English than I did in high school
9. I went on dates with a lot of girls.
10. I went on dates with 3 girls in one weekend as a freshman
11. My first college dorm roommate played basketball
12. My second college dorm roommate was blind and a slob
13. My third college dorm roommate graduated with a 4.0 in 3 years
14. My forth college dorm roommate was and is one of my best friends
15. My forth roommate was and is one of the goofiest people I know
16. Then I moved into a trailer with 3 other guys for one year.
17. Then I moved into a two room apt with 6 other guys
18. Then I moved back into the dorm for my final term
19. I rarely studied
20. I loved to dance at parties
21. I loved practical jokes in college
22. I once hid in a guys closet for 45 minutes till a he showed up and opened his closet and he almost passed out from me yelling at him
23. I used to make pledges carry around a moose antler for 3 days during initiation.
24. I still have the moose antler
25. Chuck of Whats up Chuck fame once had to dress like a Christmas tree and pledges had to circle him singing “Oh Christmas Tree”
26. Chuck also once performed in a play as (Sir Timothy Tinglebutt)
27. I once, by choice, covered myself with shaving cream and sang frosty the snowman to 4 different sororities.
28. I once snuck into a girl’s dorm and stole a Lion from a sorority chapter room in the middle of the night.
29. I once drove 45 minutes to a mall in my underwear with roommate #4 to urinate off of the 6th story of a malls drive in parking garage.
30. I once stole 300 condoms, inflated them and put them into a rival fraternities chapter room
31. I started and watched from a distance in a riot Involving 150 people and a swimming pool
32. I used to sneak up to the dorm room when I roomed with roommate #3 while he was making out with his girl friend just to see him try to act as if nothing was happening with lipstick all over his face.
33. I played competitive volleyball with an excellent team
34. Me and some other guys tied a guy up in a mesh bag in his underwear and took him to the girls dorm across the quad and left him in the lobby. He had to stay in the bag until a maintenance man came with some pliers to let him out.
35. I went to Gatlinburg Tennessee once with no money and no room for 4 days.
36. I went swimming in the ocean in water over my head at night when there was no visible moon.
37. I started a tradition of (The running of the bulls) where on the last day of the semester we would run across the campus in our underwear. No boxers.
38. I drew on passed out frat brothers with a sharpie marker
39. I painted a rival fraternities “rock” on two occasions
40. I drove a metallic green, 4-door Chevy nova in college that rarely operated.
41. I had a cocker spaniel the last two years
42. I once took a girl home from a date early who did not like my dog (by early I mean 20 minutes into the date)
43. On my second date with the girl who is now my wife I handed her a towel and told her she was the defroster when she got into my car.
44. I once locked a guy into his dorm room for 6 hours without a phone.
45. I had 4 different steady girl friends in college
46. I cheated on two of them
47. I was involved with a campus ministry in college called campus outreach
48. I had a good experience overall but parts of it was a bad experience
49. One of my best friends in college killed himself in his own house dressed as a woman 10 years later 6 months after his first child was born.
50. I had no help with finances during college
51. I went without food for 6 days once because of this
52. I never graduated “go figure”