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Thursday, February 17, 2005 

100 Things about Snagley

Oh and pick a number 1-100

1. I was raised in the country
2. I am married
3. I have three kids
4. I love to hunt and fish
5. I do not like football
6. I smoked camel unfiltered cigarettes for one year.
7. I no longer smoke (I quit when I had to pay for them)
8. I drink one glass of red wine everyday.
9. I collect antique fishing stuff
10. I spent a summer in Tokyo
11. I have eaten more types of sushi than I can remember
12. Japanese beer is better than American beer
13. I climbed mount Fuji
14. I visited a mountain village in Kazakhstan
15. I once ate a roast horse sandwich
16. I have drank fermented mares milk
17. There is a possibility that one of my children may have been conceived on a floor of a Kazakhstan apartment.
18. One of my hobbies is reading about quantum physics
19. I like to fly fish
20. I tie my own flies
21. My 6 year old son also ties flies
22. I hate urban sprawl with a passion
23. I own a boat that has never been in the water
24. I have milked cows by hand
25. I have picked cotton by hand
26. I have planted 2000 acres of soy beans on a summer job
27. I have dug ditches for a living
28. I have competed in a yacht race as the crew
29. When in college I once went 6 days without food
30. I enjoy archery
31. I own 5 bows
32. My 5 and 6 year old sons are good at archery
33. I bow hunt for deer
34. My dream is to own a sporting goods/convenience store near the beach
35. I have not been fishing in over 6 months but think about it daily
36. I hate cold weather
37. I love summer and hate winter
38. I would rather sweat than be cold
39. Other than my wife I have no one to confide in
40. I chew tobacco once a year for two days
41. I love my wife
42. I have never cheated on my wife
43. I have never had sex with anyone other than my wife
44. I have never had premarital sex
45. I don’t regret either of the above
46. I have worked as an air conditioner repair man
47. I have worked as a dump truck driver
48. I have worked as a dish washer
49. I have worked as a plumber
50. I have worked as a manager in a ham store
51. I have worked as the pool maintenance man for a large hotel in panama city beach
52. I have worked as a pizza delivery man
53. I have taught aerobics
54. In college I climbed all of the water towers
55. I once ran across the entire campus in my underwear
56. I was known for practical jokes in college
57. I went out with over 100 different girls in college
58. I have never used drugs
59. My favorite place in the beach at Fort Morgan Al.
60. If I could choose what to do on a day off it would be surf fishing
61. I have sniffed a stink bug
62. I have never thrown mashed potatoes against the wall
63. If I could do anything in the world it would be to fish by myself
64. I enjoy solitude
65. I enjoy the company of good friends
66. I have not been in a fight in 12 years
67. I wish I could give more to people
68. I love to go camping
69. I have not been camping in over 10 years
70. I once backpacked in New Mexico for 15 days
71. I have backpacked over 50 miles in a week
72. I have slept standing up
73. Even thought I use the Internet daily I think it is a bad influence overall on people. It has caused a decline in actual living
74. I think I would make a fine hermit.
75. I know some martial arts
76. I once broke 10 boards on fire with my right hand
77. The only sport that I enjoyed in high school was wrestling
78. I know what it feels like to be a state champion
79. I only dated two girls in high school
80. I graduated from trade school before college
81. I have no friends from high school
82. I hated high school
83. I loved college
84. I have kept up with only one person from college
85. I have a near photographic memory
86. I remember conversations to the letter that happened 25 years ago
87. I flunked math in high school and college but do formulas for spreadsheets as a hobby now
88. I write poetry
89. I would rather eat a bug than go to a wedding
90. I have eaten bugs
91. I like poems by Robert Service
92. Contrary to popular belief I can count
93. My pet peeve is people who drive less that the speed limit
94. I once saw a guy eat a live lizard for $40.00
95. I understand but cannot explain the theory of relativity
96. I once memorized pi to the 50th decimal for no reason
97. I am a proud father
98. I have truly loved my wife.
99. I participate in things more important that myself
100.I have completed a meaningless survey
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